Build Successful Connections with these Key Tips

No matter what industry you’re in, building connections is vital to your business. The Internet has removed any excuses as to why you shouldn’t be making a TON of business connections on a daily basis. In order to succeed you will need the help of others. Get empowered with these seven tips, and start connecting now!

1. Provide Value First: People want to know what’s in it for them. What better way to connect with someone than to give them something upfront. You don’t have to “give away the farm” but share a tool or resource which helped you in the past, something that they will find value in as well. Think, what can I offer this person which will help them in THEIR business? In turn, they will want to help with yours.

2. Get out of your Comfort Zone: Don’t be afraid to try new things when attempting to connect with new business prospects. You have to be willing to take risks in order to get results. You need to step outside your comfort zone and do something you haven’t done in the past. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

3. Be Genuine: There are hundreds of ways to find information online. People use blogs, websites, email and social media to promote themselves. Take advantage of these public resources and get to know the person you’re contacting. It only takes a moment to visit their website or review their profile. This way, when you contact them, mention something you truly found interesting. For example, say “Hi Greg! I recently came across your site I loved your article on “the perfect example.” Take time to show interest in them first (instead of talking about yourself), this will not only build immediate respect, but show that you are genuinely interested in what they do.

4. Don’t be Intimidated: Be bold when you re choosing your target prospects. Most people go for the easy target because they are intimated by status or success. If the people you need to reach are successful or powerful people, remember they are human just like you. Stop contemplating and just reach out to them. The worst thing that can happen is they can respond with ‘not interested.’ But if you never ask, you’ll never know.

5. Sharing is Caring: Sharing is caring; it’s not just a child’s phrase anymore. Sharing is now easier than ever! We share videos, links, articles, books, pdfs, you name it, you can share it. Each time you share you are opening a door which leads back to you and your business. If others like it they will share it too, making each share an opportunity to get your name out there. So don’t be greedy…if you like it, share it!

6. Use the Right Platforms: There are so many online platforms to choose from nowadays, it can get overwhelming. What you need to remember is that each platform is tailored for specific audiences who share a similar purpose or interests. Think about your target market and find out which platforms they are on. For example: If someone wants to share a DIY project, they use pinterest. If they are looking for a job, they visit linkedin. Entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities use , or to share real time updates, some use twitter. Find out exactly who you’re looking to connect with and use a platform which caters to those individuals.

7. Start with People you Know: Family and friends can often provide the best head start. They can break the ice and introduce you to new friends and prospects. They can even get you in the door with an existing network of people. The truth is “it’s not who you know, it’s who you know, knows.”

When you’re an entrepreneur, every person you meet is an opportunity to build a new connection. Even if they may not directly benefit from your business, you never know who they can connect you with. Being prepared is half the victory.

Contributed by: Lauren Giraldo
Entrepreneur, Blogger and Online Content Manager @
Twitter: -The Right Place, at the Right Time

Coverage of the Official Launch of

It's official. launched on June 7th, 2014. If you ever wondered what it's like to be on the ground floor when Facebook launched, this would have been it. News about the event has been buzzing all over Social Media, just take a look at the Official Launch Photos

The luxurious setting of the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Miami, FL was the perfect backdrop for the Official USA Launch. With NEURS being a global platform, the launch event drew in people from over 37 countries all over the world. One member said "it was great to finally connect with one another in person after so many many months of working online to get to this moment.”

Liftoff began with an exclusive VIP session packed full of the company’s Founding Members and some of our top affiliates. CEO Frank Codina, Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington, President Rafael Leon and Co-Founder/Author Dr. Denis Cauvier mingled, rubbed elbows and took photos with our special invitees. All guests received a free copy of START NOW!

A string of speakers were lined up, including Communications Director Abel Prieto, Rafael Leon and Dr. Denis Cauvier who highlighted all aspects of the platform. Also speaking at this historic event were top affiliates and Founding Members who flew in from around the world. Affiliates such as author Stefan Berns traveled from Germany, affiliate marketer Uwe Uhele from Canada and Investor/Entrepreneur Michael "Hutch" Hutchison. The speakers touched on a number of topics. Michael Hutchison captured the audience’s attention with his message on being “at the right place, at the right time” calling “a game changer.” While Stefan Berns called NEURS, “a historical movement.”

Keynote speaker Kevin Harrington, world renowned for his 40 plus years of entrepreneurial success, stepped on stage to share his story. He spoke about his pride in being a Founding Member of and how he feels the company is positioned for major success in coming months.

On a mission to connect the entrepreneurial world, CEO Frank Codina took the stage and boldly announced, “it’s impossible for to be ignored.” He also revealed several bombshell announcements regarding upcoming changes to the site and why NEURS will fulfill its mission. His call to action and riveting message on a “real sense of history,” will no doubt echo in the minds of the guests in attendance.

The main event was followed by another VIP exclusive from NEURS, an invitation-only Executive Dinner. In a dim-lit intimate setting, the elite guests shared their thoughts while dining and enjoying a night that ended with dancing and fun for all participants. If you had the privilege to take part in this event, you left with an electrified feeling over Frank Codina’s captivating outlook towards the future. In his words, “it’s game over.” Watch out Silicon Valley! Looks like this Miami start-up has figured out how to not only connect entrepreneurs, but also have tons of fun in the process. NEURS has now launched and the entrepreneurial world will never be the same again.